Why Don’t You Just Get Out Of Here?


And go to Hollywood? You could totally make it.
I have a student that says this to me every day.
I teach a drama class and very often will use my own performances to give students an example of how to play a game or learn an acting technique. They’re like, “Wow! When you did your crazy person, I thought you really were crazy!”
Hel-lo! It’s called acting. And that’s what drama class is about.
Anyway, I have this student that comes up to me every day (for the past week) and we have a dialogue similar to this:
Kid: Mrs L, you are such a good actress.
Me: Thank you.
Kid: Why don’t you go to Hollywood and just get out of here?
Me: I like it here just fine.
Kid: I know, but you could totally make it out there.
Me: I don’t want to be an actress.
Kid: But you’re so good! You could totally make it! You should just go to Hollywood…get out of here.
Me: That’s a really nice thought…but I have no desire to live in Hollywood. And no desire to be an actress. I like teaching and I like Cupertino and I just like my life how it is. I don’t want to be an actress.
Kid: *puzzled look* But…you could totally make it. Why don’t you just go to Hollywood?
And the saga continues…