Board Update


Last night I got a ton done on my national board stuff. I still have about 50 pages left to write and more random stuff to do (copy my ID, map out room layouts, demographic study, organize my artifacts, etc.), but that was a huge step for me. I feel like I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, even though it’s a very tiny light, very far away. GO TO THE LIGHT, STEPH! GO TO THE LIGHT!!!
The light includes: No more working every night and weekend on this. Blech. I can stop pack-ratting all of my students’ work and actually give it back to them. I’ll have time for volleyball. I’ll have time for friends. SO PUMPED to hang w/ Eddie when he comes out in April (we’re so hitting the WAVES!). I’ll get to concentrate my creative energies on converting our garage into an art studio. I will get to PAINT! WOO HOO! Oh, I’m like a moth to the light, come to me delicate, sweet goodness…