I Hate Writing


Well, I’m at the point in my National Board thingy where all I have left is a buttload of writing. This is where I get the chance to explain every little decision I make in a good 50+ pages.
I hate writing.
Okay, I like blogging. I like writing silly poems and even sillier songs. I don’t even mind the occasional script. But, see, that’s fun writing. This is technical writing that explains what I do. And there are page limits that I just can’t seem to cram myself into. So maybe it’s editing that I dislike.
For one of my entries, I’m currently a page over and I can’t see what to cut anymore. It’s like, the writing just flows out of me as I answer questions and give explanations. Then, I spend like four hours cutting it down to the required page limit while still giving thorough explanations. I realize that tight writing is better writing. But, it’s also torture.
Can’t I just make a painting about why I teach the way I do? Seriously, at least that would be fun.
I have, however, developed my top five favorite albums to listen to while writing tedious essays. They are as follows:
5. The soundtrack for The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou
4. John Reuben – Hindsight
3. The Red West – The Red West
2. Nick Drake – Pink Moon
1. Anything by Jack Johnson – I have In Between Dreams, On and On, and Sitting, Waiting, Wishing…