I’ve Got the Board Blues


Well, I’m at that yucky part. The part where everthing is mostly done and I’m just tying up loose strings. Lots of loose strings everywhere. I’m editing all of my piles of writing, reading through the binder again to make sure I didn’t forget anything, scanning through my matierials, getting people to edit my work… ugh.
And I’m so tired. I just feel like I could curl up and sleep for like a year. I am so sick of sitting in front of a computer I don’t think I’ll be able to look at it after this. To all of you who sit in front of computers all day…you’re all nuts. Granted, you pay the bills much better than I do (probably). Regardless, I feel my face growing paler even now.
Must…keep…moving…forward. It’s like finals week only without having to memorize 100 works of art for the art history test. Thank goodness I don’t have to do that.