Sometimes You Wanna Go…


Where everybody knows your naa-aaa-ame! And they’re always glad you caa-aaa-ame!
Yeah, so, today I realized how extreme my coffee addiction is. I walked into Starbucks and the two girls who were on shift tonight looked up and said, “Hey, Stephanie! How’s it goin’?”
I said that all was well.
One responded, “Do you want your regular drink?”
“Yeah.” (That’s what I said.)
The other said, without punching anything in to the computer, “That’ll be $3.90.”
I paid her and they handed me my drink exactly the way I like it. Perfect.
So…which is the biggest proof of my addiction? The fact that they know my name? That they know how to make my bizarro drink perfectly? The fact that they know exactly how much my drink costs without looking?