Why is Extra Caramel So Hard???


Okay, those of you who know me know that I have coffee addiction issues. I’m too busy to go through withdrawal now, so it is what it is. Anyway, my drink of choice is an iced latte with extra extra caramel sauce & an extra shot of espresso. I like the strong coffee flavor. I also love the sweetness of caramel. I hate the flavored syrups *shudders* and the taste of added sugars and sweetners. But, carmalized sugar in coffee…Mmmmmmmgaralahahahagrarlahah….
People like to laugh at me because I turn down cookies and cakes saying that I don’t eat sugar. That is true. I only eat sugar if it’s in the form of caramel sauce in coffee. That’s it. Sometimes I’ll eat a pity cookie here and there, but it’s a very rare thing. Note to self: avoid staff birthday celebrations…they put way too much frosting on those cakes and whine if you don’t eat any.
Anyway, when I order, I always ask for EXTRA EXTRA CARAMEL SAUCE. The people who know me at Starbucks (including “hot guy”) all make it perfectly the way I like it. I hate it when there’s a new person & they don’t seem to understand the freakin’ difference between caramel syrup *blech!* and caramel sauce *Ooo!* So, I kind of watch them make my coffee so I don’t have to make them redo it. I know, I sound way too anal about it…but I just shelled out $4.00 for a stupid cup of coffee and it better be made right darnit!
But the other issue is that sometimes they just won’t give me extra caramel. I say, “I’ll pay for it.” And they say something like, “My boss won’t let me give extra caramel.” What…is it a drug now? Have I had too many shots of caramel for the good of society? Is capitalism no longer en vogue? What’s the deal? So, I say, “So…I’ll pay for the extra caramel. How much do you charge?” And then they start to get nervous and shifty as though their boss is going to find out about the illegal imports of caramel they’ve been keeping in the back and selling to me at inflated prices.
My favorite place is Caffe Adria. They not only have wifi, they display artwork by local kids (it’s cute and good!), have SUPER DOOPER omlettes, are super nice, and…get this…they measure their caramel in SHOTS! So, I can say, “I’ll have a large quad iced latte with three shots of carmel sauce.” Boom. They make it right every time. Only problem is that I have to have cash there and I never have cash on me and I don’t want to pay the stupid ATM fee. *sigh*