Groundhog Day


Well, I’m forcing myself to write a bit since I’ve been in a hole for far too long. So, I finished the portfolio part of my national board stuff and I just have six tests left. Then, I’m finished assuming I pass everything. Most teachers take two years to finish since less that 10% pass the first time. I’m hoping to be in that 10%, but not expecting it.
I think people expected me to finish the portfolio then throw a big super social party or something. But, that’s not what happened. I actually feel more introverted that I have in a long time. I relate it to a sort of groundhog day. Like, I’ve been in this hole for so long working on the portfolio. Then, I finish and go outside and I’m like, “Whoa! It’s bright out here!!!” So, then I go back in the hole so I can adapt more slowly to the light.
Actually, the day after I finished my portfolio I came home after work and sat on the couch. I sat there for a good half hour before I figured out what I usually do when I don’t have a portfolio to work on. It seemed odd that I was sitting there thinking, “What did I used to do with my time?”
But, I planted all my seeds for spring in new terracotta pots (that I got on sale for 0.99-3.99!!!). I’m excited to see them bloom. I have the herb garden as usual and also put in some poppies, marigolds, daisies, honeysuckle, and a heaven’s breath (cool plant). I also planted two creeping ivy plants that will grow up the wall. They are in the hummingbird corner because their flowers attract hummingbirds, along with the hanging plant I put by the hummingbird feeder on the porch. We get lots of hummingbirds, so I’m hoping we’ll get to see even more!
Oh, and the studio is up an rolling. I’ve worked in it only one night so far because I spent so much time getting it functional. It’s really cool and it’s the first time I’ve really had a big workspace that was mine. I’m pretty pumped about it and like it a lot.
When I woke up Sunday morning my eyes were swollen shut. This hasn’t happened since freshman year when I was losing my vision from that freaky Filipino bacteria. My eyes were really sensitive to the light all day and I got worried a bit. Today, however, they seem to be doing better. I had some of my meds from my last eye problems and used them. I’ll still go in to get them checked out though, hopefully over spring break.
Actually, I was thinking about my eyes and thinking about how life would completely change without them. I mean, I’m a teacher and an artist. It’s like, eyes and hands are the most important thing here. Crazy.
I also was thinking about small things that would totally suck to not have. I mean, imagine losing your keys and not having a spare set. You couldn’t really do much without those babies. I feel that way about my laptop too. Wouldn’t want to be without that.
Okay, so this was the random entry, mostly just to catch people up. I’m emerging from my hole, slowly, but emerging nonetheless.