Internet, How I Love Thee


I didn’t have Internet for the last two days at home. Well, very sporadically. Anyhoo, I didn’t realize how much I relied on the Internet. I kept going back to my laptop to try again and again to connect. Turned out there were some issues with the base station or whatever.
Add to that the fact that my school has been locking up all kinds of stuff on the network. Turns out that pretty much everything on the Net is not appropriate for children. Including teacher websites that post homework and grades, the New York Times…that kind of stuff. But, it’s mostly sorted out now. I think. And, they blocked all outgoing mail servers except their crappy Microsoft Exchange dealy. That complicates e-mail a bit.
I’m pumped to hear that some cities are working to offer free city-wide wi-fi. That’d be so sweet. I wonder if schools would leach on to those systems and crappy Microsoft programs would either improve to standard or die (the latter might be nice). Then life would be so smooth. Or smoothish. Cool anyway.
I love the Internet. It is my friend. It tells me things. It makes me feel special.