Teachery Awards


My school is currently going through their voting process for teacher of the year. Some of the older teachers have boycotted the voting process because they say, “I haven’t seen all of the candidates teach.” Which got me thinking. How does someone get teacher of the year? Do we just vote in any old baffoon? Is it a popularity contest like jr. high student council elections?
Even if we did “see every teacher teach,” wouldn’t we see them teaching an on-purpose good lesson instead of the generally every day lesson? It seems kind of pointless. And, will I become disillusioned with all systems as I get older so that I don’t participate or acknowledge anything that gives awards? Or do I just get wiser somehow and have like special glasses that allow me to see what is and is not a sham. Dunno.
I guess that I see teacher of the year as just a way to say to someone on our staff, “Hey…good work. We respect you and what you do.” *pat on back* It’s not the “Ultimate Superemo Best Super Happy Fun Teacher Award.” (Although that would be cool to win.) So, I voted for a buddy of mine who has a lot of vision, maintains a positive attitude, and has an exquisite understanding of the middle school aged child. That’s my pat on the back to say that I respect him.
The only thing is that if he does win, the award is tainted by this bitter crowd who wouldn’t participate and wouldn’t vote and was just kind of angry. That doesn’t seem like much of an award or a reward for all of the hard work he has shown. And every year we recognize a new teacher so it’s not like my dad winning “Employee of the Month” every month. It cycles through people more.
I don’t know. I guess I just hope I don’t get bitter. If that happens, I’ll just have to retire early and spend the rest of my life surfing and painting. Hmmmm…I feel the bitterness creeping in already.