California Dreamin’


I have a dream that one day I will have a bigger, floatier surfboard so I can snag more waves and ride them all the way in to the beach. I have a dream that this board will not require waxing and will fit securely under my arm when I carry it into waves. I have a dream that it will be ten majestic feet tall and will have one fin. I have a dream that it will be puncture-free. I have a dream that it will be a SofTop and will have some non-annoying color with a cool flowery design.
I have a dream that, once acquiring this beautiful board I will get some sweet water proof paints and create my own, personal, wicked-cool design on the bottom. This design will complement the cool flowery design on the top, except with more flair that only the Stephanie hand can give. This design will complement the colors of the board, and also incorporate some pink (of course) and perhaps a deep purple.
I have a dream that my board will be one-of-a-kind. When not surfing, I will hang it in my garage studio on my wall-mounted surfboard rack. Then, this illustrious board will serve two purposes: board on the waves, art in the studio.
I have a dream that friends from all around will also get a surf board and will join me this summer in some perfect California waves. We will surf together and have great fun. We will not laugh at Stephanie when she falls or gets dumped out the back of a wave, oh no. We will laugh with her. And sometimes this laughter will make its way to the beach for a great game of volleyball in the sand. Or a good football toss. Perhaps even a hot dog roast over a nice little fire with some sing-along worship songs. Yes!
I have this dream, and it is a good dream that feels like sweet sunshine on my lips. I can taste it. And I hope that someday I will open my eyes and see that this dream has been given the salty ocean air to breathe. I want it to live.