Choices, Choices


Because I shop at PetCo and have that stupid yellow card thing I have to carry around with me, I occasionally get coupons. The latest is a coupon for a free gift! I must choose from the following:
• LM Animal Farms Vita-Vittles Gold Small Animal Food, 2 lb. bag
• Kaytee Treat Stick for Birds
• Pet Gold Catnip, 1 oz.
• Tennis Ball
• Aquatic Gardens Deluxe Mini-Habitat (basically a little tank for a Beta fish…how it can be deluxe and mini at the same time is beyond me…)
• 25 Crickets, small or large
• Treats from Pet Bar, 1 lb.
I’m leaning towards either the tennis ball or the crickets. I don’t know what I’d do with 25 crickets…but I can be creative.