So Damn Lucky or Hell Yes


Well, Josh has noted this summer as the “Summer of the Music.” We got Beck tickets awhile back and are pumped to go to that concert at the end of July. It’s going to be in Universal City, CA, so we’ll get to take a little trip and stay down there. Beck is Josh’s favorite musician so that totally rocks.
But, then I found out that Dave Matthews is playing in San Francisco in mid-August. I wanted to go, but we didn’t have the cash to buy the tickets, and they were crappy seats anyway. Then, my buddy ended up having to sell his tickets because he forgot about something going on that weekend. He’s one of the season ticket holders of PacBell park, so got them at a discount & got good seats. HE SO SOLD THEM TO US! YEAH! Talk about being So Damn Lucky…
So, Josh and I both get to see our favorite musicians this summer. Rock on.