Wicked Cool Portraits


I just checked out a post on Elyse Sewell’s blog. She saw an interesting exhibit at the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo. It’s an exhibit titled Dialogue With the peasants of Tiangonsi Villages by Chen Shaofeng. The artist basically had his subjects sit across from him and they would simultaneously paint portraits of each other (hence the two chairs facing each other in the center below). The exhibit shows the portrait he painted of each person hung next to the portrait they painted of him. It’s an interesting way to see how different people create, view each other, approach artistic mediums. The age and personality is also reflected in the artistry of the peasant-created portraits. There are a total of 250 portraits hung together.

Here is a pic from the back of the room. Again, the chairs in the center show how the portraits were created — each person painting a portrait of the other simultaneously.

I love the pic painted by the old bald dude. He seemed really invested in his painting. Either he was really impatient about painting, didn’t know what was going on, or is in the “special” category. Heh heh.