Ahhh! Oxygen!


I found out a year ago that I have asthma. My current guess is that it has something to do with working with clay way too much. Anyhoo, it’s been difficult to breathe sometimes as a result. This summer it’s been bad, with me having attacks five minutes in to exercise. I’ve been a trooper though, and use my inhaler when I need it and still continue regular exercise. It’s been extra hard to breathe lately though. So, I went to the doctor and she measured some breathing stuff and I found out that even my resting breathing has been shallow. I guess it has something to do with the combo of allergies & asthma. She gave me a new inhaler that’s used as a preventative.
So…yesterday played volleyball and didn’t have one asthma attack or any difficulty breathing. I was even chasing balls all over the place. It was kind of funny because practically every time I took a breath I wanted to shout out some kind of praise or wa-hoo or something because it’s been a long time since I was able to really breathe deeply. I love oxygen!