I haven’t been posting stuff lately. Here’s the low-down of what I’ve been up to:

  • Volleyball on Wednesday nights
  • Volleyball on Sunday afternoons
  • Sit-ups/Crunches & Push-ups daily (amount varies)
  • Running 2-3 miles at least once a week

Unfortunately, I haven’t been surfing for awhile. I just sold my board and am waiting for the transfer of funds so I can go buy my new board. I’m totally pumped because I feel like God totally provided for this new board. Josh said I could get one, but that I needed to come up with the funds outside of my regular salary. I just felt confident that they would come in somehow and they did. I got paid $200 for managing an art contest this past year. I said that I’d do it not knowing that I’d get paid for it, so that was a cool surprise. One of my students won a nationwide art contest, and I got $50 for being their teacher. And, I sold my board for $200. So, that adds up to my swell $450 for my new board. Hopefully I’ll buy it and get to try it out this week!