My House is HOT!


Seriously, it’s like a greenhouse in here lately. As Josh points out, I’m way sensitive to heat. I get all tired and sick feeling, I don’t want to eat anything, and just get generally lethargic and lazy. Basically, the hotter the temperature, the more reruns of Cops and Judge Judy I watch. It’s pretty sad. Although, today I must have been especially desperate because I watched a documentary on volcanoes then took a nap. “Must not move… might break sweat,” I repeated to myself.
So, I looked online for air conditioning units and realized that it just wasn’t gonna work. The ones that are affordable are little crappy in-window ones that only cool like 12′ X 12′. The other ones are way more expensive and I wonder how I could get the air to actually circulate through my house. It’s a long house with lots of walls separating the rooms, so there’s really no good way to circulate air without nine-kajillion fans everywhere. I considered getting a couple of the smaller units and putting them in different rooms. But, then I don’t get to look out of windows anymore. Plus there’s the cost of electricity for running all of those babies. Sigh. Just not going to happen.
I tried to remember what I did last year. Oh yeah, when hot go to Starbucks, Target, the mall, the Library…anywhere but here! But, trouble is, I LIKE to be at home. I shouldn’t have to avoid my home.
So, I’m trying to consider ways to keep the house cool that doesn’t involve a large financial investment in metal air-sucking boxes. I think we’ll invest in some GILA films to put on the West-side windows and block heat. Also, do a nightly super-ventilation of the house, followed by an everything-closed policy during the day.
I wish we had some good trees to shade the place. But alas, just a palm and the ugly tree. They don’t shade much.
Maybe I should just forget about cooling the house and get a body cooling system. I could fit lots of useful stuff in all them there pockets. 🙂