Summer Lovin’


I LOVE SUMMER! I’ve been doing lots of cool stuff with my time and I’m totally diggin’ it. I could SO get used to this.
I’ve been playing volleyball at least twice a week and am totally loving doing drills and playing and stuff. It’s so cool to see how my body reacts to the strain of physical training and to be able to do it with a team of cool people. I just got a book on training your body for volleyball and some of the exercises are totally weird. I was trying some of them in my driveway yesterday and I think people thought I was totally stupid. It involves jumping on and off of boxes, quick lounges and drops to the front/side/back, repeated jumps while holding balls, and other stuff. It was fun and totally got me breathing hard! We’ve been slowly putting together our team for leagues this fall and I think we’ll be pretty good. We’re going to be in the advanced league so it requires more training and practice and stuff. It’s so fun!
Also, I planted a bunch of new plants in the front and back and have been growing some new herbs. I also figured out how to get my catnip plant to grow like crazy, and the animals love chewing on that thing! I was able to train them to only eat that plant by squirting them with water whenever they went near my other plants. Heh heh.
I’ve been working on a few different paintings that are all very different. It’s good though, because then I can work in my studio with many different moods and shift from project to project as I see fit. I’ve also decided that I totally love my Prismacolor colored pencils and want to get their super dooper pack of colors eventually. Those babies are awesome. I’d like to get more of their markers too, but they’re so darn expensive!
Also, I’m teaching summer school right now. My class is 6th grade core for students who either failed or need remedial help. It has 21 boys and five girls in it! The class dynamics are quite interesting for that group, but I’m having lots of fun with it. We’re reading The Day My Butt Went Psycho. I put together some different activities we’re doing with plot analysis, journaling, cartooning (SOOOOO FUN!), and vocabulary that make it a gas to read!
Hmmm…anything else? Can’t think of anything. Gotta go and finish coloring some pictures for a special secret project Josh and I are doing…to be released soon! 😉