Argh! Ye Maties!


Well, you gotta love Cupertino. On the corner of Stevens Creek & De Anza there is a Chinese bank, a Le Boulanger, a Starbucks, and a gas station. The gas station had one of those inflatable somethings right on the corner that said “CAR WASH” to encourage others to, well, get their cars washed there. I didn’t really notice it until one day I realized that the “C” had fallen off of it. So, it was now the “AR WASH!” So, everytime I’d drive by and yell out “ARGH! Come an’ git yer ARRRRRRRRRRRR WASH!!!” Because, well, it made me feel piratey. Yar.
Not long thereafter, the Starbucks on the opposite corner lost it’s “S” and “T.” So, then it became “ARBUCKS”. Again, I found this hilarious because, not only did it give me another thing to act piratey over, but it was right across from the AR WASH. So, again, it gave me reason again to shout out “ARGH! I’s meetin’ me maties for coffee at ARRRRRRRRRRRBUCKS!!!” Heh heh.
There’s a restaurant next to the Le Boulanger called “Park Place Restaurant” and I was oh so tempted to commit my first act of vandalism and remove the “P” so I could call it “ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRK PLACE!!!” But, I did not. Didn’t matter anyway, they took down the inflatable whatever and fixed the Starbucks sign. Not before I snapped this picture though! Heh Heh. ARGH!