Five Super Dooper Awesome Years


Today is mine and Josh’s fifth wedding anniversary. Because it’s a multiple of five, it’s more significant than other anniversaries because it seems more paramount or whatever. Anyways, the cool part is that we’ve been married for five years and we still like each other. I know! That totally rocks.
I was trying to decide what to write on my blog about it. I was considering making a list about what I like about Josh or what I like about marriage…but I don’t like to make others hurl. So, I’m posting this pic to show ya’ll what we look like today. And, I’m just going to say that these past five years have been filled with several trials…but they have been bearable because of my companion. Whenever I’m with him it feels like home. I like him. I love him. He’s my favorite. God blessed me out of the ballpark with this one.
Thanks for five wonderful years, Babe. I can’t imagine what our future will look like, but it’s gonna be awesome because I get to be with you.