Home Search – How much space?


Well, Josh and I have been looking at getting into the California real estate market. Basically, we’re getting tired of sending money down the toilet every month for rent. We’re looking to keep our monthly costs the same, only be investing in property. Real estate is pretty crazy out here though. We’re looking mostly at condominiums because it’s all we can afford and maintain our current finanical state. A two-bedroom condo out here can run $425,000.00 and up. When I think about what I could get for that kind of cash in Minnesota… man.
Anyway, the places we’ve been looking at have mostly been studio lofts. Wait…I mean the places that we’ve actually liked. I guess that Josh and I aren’t really your typical people and we like to live in hip, modern-looking places with wood floors and stainless steel and open lofts and stuff like that. We looked at a couple of “normal” places and both felt like “meh” afterwards. Luckily, the modern places are priced the same as the normal places so I think we’ll be able to find something that’s in our price range and that fits us. So…that’s our search.
I’m getting frustrated by several people telling us to buy a 2-3 bedroom instead of a loft. I see the hope in their eyes, hoping that we’ll find ourselves pregnant soon, hoping that that room can be filled with a little bundle of Lewis. I’m finding myself frustrated by other peoples’ projected hopes. I don’t like having such a difficult thing wished upon me. There’s just too much pain there.
I realized that it’s been pretty crappy having an “extra room” the past few years. It’s like, I look in the room and think, “That’s where the baby will go.” But then, I know that there is no baby, and even if there was one it’s survival rate is really questionable. Then I go back to longing for adoption…which wouldn’t happen until well into our 30’s anyway. So…why do I always have an extra room? What’s the freakin’ point? And why should I spend the cash on the extra space for a false hope?
Sorry for the rant. Our current extra room is used for Josh’s den and that’s totally cool with me. I wouldn’t mind that in a new place (although a large room is better because it can be Josh’s den & my studio space… ya know, cuz we like to be together). I just hate when people tell me to get an extra room for our house in case we have kids soon. Ick.