Step up to the New School Year


step up to writing books.jpg
Well, the new school year starts this week. I’m a little stressed this year because my week is a bit nuts. Well, let’s start with the very bad, no good, horrible day.
Wednesday: First, the logicboard on my laptop failed. When I brought it to the genius peeps at Apple they said it would cost me some mula to fix it and it would take 7-10 working days to get it back. Yeah. All of my stuff for the beginning of the year is on that! Grrr. Next, while I was walking through the mall, I looked down at my wedding ring and the diamond had shifted. I touched it and it fell out in my hand! So, I brought it to the jewelry store and they said that it would cost some mula to fix. Grrr… When I got home, I got a call from my dad that said my brother was in the hospital and wasn’t doing well. Grr… (He’s doing much better now and may even get to go home tomorrow). So, basically, Wednesday tanked.
I have been in workshops all week for Step Up to Writing. It’s a pretty sweet writing curriculum and I’m excited to integrate it into my class this year. It gave me lots of ideas that will be easier on me in terms of prep time, but will be better for my students by practicing strong writing and utilizing higher order thinking skills. So…we all win!
Tomorrow is going to be totally nuts. I have Church in the morning. At Jr. High we’re losing a staffer Steve because he’s going over to the high school ministry. Then, my friend Mark is visiting from MN and I think I’m going to bum around San Francisco with him. Then, it’s back to Church for praise night. Whew! Feelin’ a little burnt out already.
Teacher meetings are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. School starts Thursday. It’s gonna be a busy week!