Frustrating Game


Well, we totally got cremed tonight. Two of our players haven’t practiced with us AT ALL since last year and one only practiced with us a short time. It was frustrating to have people all rusty and feeling awkward working together. We also played 6-2 and I don’t think everyone had a good sense of wehere they should be covering when and how we should adjust. The middle hitter position is still awkward for our team because the setter usually ignores the position or they just kind of get in the way.
I had fun, but was just generally frustrated.
I think that I played pretty well. I got all of my serves over, except one went out of bounds. Other than that I think I played pretty consistently, so that made me happy. It was hard for me to breathe tonight though because of the heat/stuffiness of the gym.
Hopefully our team can pull together better next week and start to rely on and trust each other.