iPod Lock???


School has started again, and so has using my iPod to blare music into my art room as we’re all chillin’ and making stuff. Last year, iPod theft was a huge issue and I can’t help but worry about it myself. Not to mention my sweet Bose stereo. I never worry about my laptop because I have a Kensington lock. Why is there no such device for the iPod? Seriously, I should be able to lock this sucker down so I don’t have to worry about it all the time. Some may say that I should just use crappy music players so I don’t care if they’re stolen… but that would be so 80’s of me and plus I love all of the selection of songs on my iPod (not to mention my SWEET Bose stereo).
Anyway… APPLE – WE NEED A SOLUTION! Please install a lock in your future iPods!!! iPod theft is a huge issue and us users need a way to feel safer about using our iPods.
Until then… any ideas on what I can do to keep my iPod safe?