Me and Mark Down By the Schoolyard


Actually, that title comes from the song Me and Julio Down By the Schoolyard.

So, I got to paint sets, organize costumes, and coach speech with Mark. While I loved all of those things, my favorite was probably my friendship with Mark. He’s a real swell guy with a big heart and lots of crazy stories. And, for some reason, we just worked really well together. For those of you who have been in the workforce for awhile, you know that it’s sometimes really hard to find someone that you work well with. And we did.

We’d go to speech tournaments all day, then kick it back over a steak and coffee afterwards (too depleted to make it all the way back home without protein…). And we both loved to talk about plays that we’d seenor read about. And, of course, we liked to talk about the goings on of our students and how we might make a better impact on them.
So, now that I’m in California, Mark and I don’t work together anymore. I guess it’s a drawback to moving across the country! But, he is able to get out here once a year or so to hang out, go see a play, get some dinner, get lost in San Francisco, or whatever. I hope that if I move back to Minnesota, Mark and I might be able to work together again. We could meet up down by the Centennial schoolyard and talk about stuff and laugh and catch up. I’d like that.