New Season


Well, volleyball has started up again and we have our first game in the advanced league tonight. I’m so stoked. Our team was able to practice yesterday and we were practicing the 6-2 formation, which was lots of fun! A little chaotic… but fun. I think it will just get better the more we play together. Returning from last year we have me, Dave, Edwin, Jessica, & Brenda. New this year is Jon, although he did sub for us last year, so I guess that means he’s “newish.” Steve-0 is going to sub for us too. So… YEAH!
I’m not setting. I’m actually hitting! I’m taller than most of the people on my team and have been getting much better at it. My speed isn’t as good as my accuracy. Although, yesterday, I kept hitting it straight at the back row person on the other team. What’s the deal with that? So, I need to be able to plan my shots better. It’s hard though because it all happens so fast. I find that I play better altogether when I view the game in slow motion, then I make more planned, orderly bumps and hits. I kind of miss setting a little though! 🙂
Wish us luck tonight! The posts here will increase now that a new season is upon us so I’ll keep you updated!