Portfolio Work In Progress


Well, I’ve been looking at finally adding to the portfolio link of my website. Goodness knows I have a TON of artwork to put up there, but who has the time? So, Josh and I sat down today and have put together a nice little format for how it’s going to work. Granted, it won’t be up probably for several more months, but at least now there’s a vision. Once I have that puppy up, I’ll be super satisfied with my website because it will encapsulate me more fully.
Until then, I’ve begun the process of digitizing my artwork. The smaller things can be scanned, but the larger items will need to be photographed. This kind of stinks because I don’t really have a high-quality digital camera. Maybe I can leech one off of someone for a weekend or something…
I’ve been making drawings lately of common objects, like the paper above. Just simple little drawings that challenge my accuracy and subtle (and sometimes dramatic) value shifts. They’re fun to make anyway.