Welcome to the Family!


Well, it took me long enough to post this! On August 27th, I had the pleasure of standing with my brother and his lovely lady, Kristin, at their wedding. It was a beautiful event and it’s awesome to have another sister! Growing up with only brothers, it’s been awesome to add Ronnie & Emily to my sisters, and now I have Kristin too! It’s like getting presents at Christmas, only much much better.
Highlights of the trip back for the wedding include seeing both of my brother’s new houses, going out with my mom, seeing relatives I haven’t seen in forever, meeting my niece Maia for the first time, hanging out at the Lewis house, Cafe Latte with Care & Neal, and getting lost at the airport. Oh, and also eating Taco Johns! Yum! Good times!
Anyway, enjoy our mediocre pictures of the event.