And I’m Back in the Game!


Well, due to my illness, I’ve been out of volleyball for TWO WHOLE WEEKS. My doctor said I couldn’t do anything that might cause an asthma attack because my lungs were being stupid. I had to take steriods and just finished taking the end of them today. I definitely feel much better today, even though I’ve been breathing harder.
We lost our games tonight, but they were close. The team we played is undefeated and our two games were 13-15 and 11-15, so I’d say we did pretty well! We were playing 6-2 and I was setting tonight. I think I did pretty well. There were a couple of times where I manuvered myself around the court stupid and wasn’t able to get to balls, but now I’m better at reading my teammates and knowing where to be.
I only missed one serve because it barely went out of bounds. Grrr… I’m glad I’m a much more consistent server!
Anyhoo, even though we lost, I had lots of fun! It’s so much fun playing volleyball… I just love it.
Maybe I’ll get to go surfing on Saturday if I get lots of homework done on Friday! One of my buddies said the surf has been perfect the last week or so and should continue on to this weekend. Glassy sea, fresh air, sweet waves. Nice.