Catch Up!


Ever feel like life is a never-ending game of catch up? It’s like, I just finish all this crap and then realize that there’s a whole steaming pile over there now too. I got a ton done on Saturday, but by Sunday I was completely fried and could not concentrate on anything. Now, today, my art classes were acting wacky so it took a fair amount of my energy to get kids to focus. That wore me out, and I still have class then more homework when I get home. When will it end?
My only answer is to work hard now and save as much money as I can and then retire early! That would totally rule!!! What if I could retire by the age of 45 and live comfortably after that? Would that be possible? That would be awesome. Then I could travel around and focus on art and ministry and not have lots of other things hanging in the balance all the time.j
Well, gotta go to class now. Sigh.