I Met a Crazy Dude


After my art history class today, I sat on a bench outside to check my e-mail and enjoy the beautiful day. As I struggled to get onto the stupidly-put-together wifi connection at SJSU, a crazy dude came up to me. This is how the conversation went:
CrazyDude: Excuse me, do you know the time?
Me: It’s 5:58.
CrazyDude: Do you know George Bush?
Me: I know who he is, yes.
CrazyDude: I just talked to him. I talked to him three times today on a cordless phone. Magaggllalagglhghhhh.
Me: Oh.
CrazyDude: He’s going to be the new president of Washington Bank! He’s the president of our country and now he’ll also be the president of — maggglglglhhhalalahahllahlaghalh — Washington Bank!
Me: *realize dude is crazy, let him stand there and talk while I continue to check my e-mail*
CrazyDude: Washington Bank! Magggggglaglglglghhhaaa. *twitch, twitch* I want to ggggglglgjgjgmgmaaaaggglglgll. *twitch, twitch* Don’t you think that Bush should bank and gglgllalksjsjshhaaaaaaa… *saunters off and attempts to speak to others… but they just ignore him as well.*