My Illness Is Nasty, But Boy is it Pretty!


Dr. Tsutomu Seimiya, Interference image of a microscopic flow-pattern in draining soap film (15x), 13th place in the Nikon Small World Contest.

Well, I’m officially sick of being sick. This stuffy, achy, muscle-hurty, ickness has got to go. It seems that I only get sick when I have no time to be sick. Isn’t that when it always happens? Gah. For the last couple of weeks I’ve pretty much been limping along trying not to get behind. But, today it all broke loose and I wasn’t able to keep pace anymore. I felt so crappy that I didn’t go to work and I missed my Art History class. We had a paper due today, and well, it’s not done either. I pretty much slept all weekend and today and even had to cancel playing volleyball yesterday and today. I know. *Gasp!* I didn’t even go to my volleyball games! Yeah, I’m feeling that crappy.
So, I was thinking about germs and about how they’re probably actually quite interesting looking. So, I was googling germs and stuff like that and stumbled upon Nikon’s Small World Contest. Wow! Stuff looks cool up close! It’s like all colorful and glowing and flowing!
Anyway, it gave me a different perspective of my illness. I imagined these germs living inside of me, all graceful and patterned and vibrantly colored, doing a magical dance with my weak weak white blood cells. The worst part about what I have is that it isn’t anything. The doctor just said that I have a “virus” and the only way to get rid of it is “rest and plenty of fluids.” Man, I wish I could just take it on in a ninja fight and end this once and for all. *Steph does sweet move a la The Matrix and beckons germs to take her on in battle, the germs cower in fear* Stupid sickness.
Until then, I’ll look at pretty germs and try to think better of this stupid thing that’s got me down. “Self, I know this sickness hurts and is tiring, but it’s aesthetically pleasing. It’s God’s artwork in your shattered, broken body. There’s a metaphor for life in there… somewhere… just focus on it. Focus! The best art expresses human suffering! So suffer! Suffer for the sake of art!!!”