I forgot to write about a little trip Josh and I took about a month ago. A bunch of leaders from our church’s jr. high staff went to a beach house in the Pajaro Dunes. As you can see, it’s a really beautiful place. We hung out, had some spiritual training sessons from Mark.
Anyway, good times abounded and it only confirmed to me my desire to live next to something wild. I don’t care whether it’s an ocean, a river, a mountain, a forest… I just want to live by one of them. Like, have it pretty much in my back yard. Being at the dunes, I kept looking out at the beach thinking that all I needed was a horse and a surfboard and I could just waste my days away there and be totally cool with that. I suppose that I kind of live by something wild, I mean, the ugliest tree in the world is right in my front yard. That’s like living next to the largest ball of dryer lint or the biggest sculpture of a cow or something like that. *sigh* I guess I’ll just be content with what I have for now….