Writing. Blech.


I know that some of you are writers and you love to toy with words. I too have my moments, but usually writing is torture. I mean, unless it’s something I’m really passionate about or is a really great story to tell, I just hate doing it. And I avoid it. And I just… well, hate it.
My college professors will tell you of all the devious methods I have used to get out of writing papers. I’d make models of things, give presentations, make artwork, make a movie — ANYTHING to avoid writing yet another blasted paper where I regurgitate information gathered from various sources. And, when it’s done being handed in and graded, it gets tossed aside or filed because who really wants to read old term papers? They do not take on a life of their own and live and breathe outside of your course. That makes them seem so meaningless and time wasting to me. I’d so much rather make something of value and worth beyond the class.
Very often my non-writing projects would take more time that a paper would have, but at least then I didn’t have to sign my soul over to the lack-of-creativity-gosh-this-is-so-incredibly-boring-to-read-even-more-boring-to-write son of satan. I’d at least have fun doing the other stuff and my time would at least be directed to something more meaningful.
I’ve been trying to write this stupid paper comparing the Aztec view of the Spanish Conquest with the Spanish view. I know all the info about it and could talk to you about it at length. But… to have to write it down… BLECH! Can’t I just make a blasted sculpture showing a cross section of the massacre at the fiesta of Huitzilopochtli??? That would be so sweet. I haven’t had a project that required fake blood in quite some time….
But no, a paper it is. Sigh. Sigh again. And, a long drawn out SIGH.
Better get writing….