Man, I am so tired. Not sleepy tired. Just general, “Hi! Merry Christmas! YAY!” tired. Josh and I have several days left in Minnesota and I’m really hoping these last ones will be super chilled out. It’s rough that I see my family 1-2 times a year and that they are always crazy whirlwind events.
Other random thoughts:
• I’m excited for January because I don’t have any grad classes. I’m planning on… NOTHING! YAY!
• Working on finding a volleyball team for the off-season of my regular team.
• I decided that proportions in restaurants are WAY too big as I’ve eaten out several times recently and couldn’t even finish half of my plate. I wish restaurants would let me buy a half orders and just pay half the price. NO, I don’t need hash browns and three pancakes and toast and a huge omelette. Just give me a small omelette and a few hashbrowns and I am good to go. No wonder we’re all dealing with obesity issues because we still have the childhood complex of “finish all your food!”
• Josh and I aren’t allowed to go into pet stores ever EVER again. Every time we go we see really really cute puppies and then we want them. Then we feel bad when we decide it’s completely illogical to get them.
Sorry my blog has been super bland lately. I’ve not been able to think of ANYTHING except my classes. I’m hoping to rent a nice digital camera in the coming months to finally get my art portfolio up. But for now… relax!