Pretty Good Year


Despite my being way too busy this year, I was able to finish off a pretty decent volleyball season. I’m looking for another team to play on since it’s my favorite form of exercise! This was the first year my team played in the advanced league and we did quite well! We were in 3rd/4th for most of the season, but ended the finals in 2nd place. Considering all of the position switches we made and creative strategies we tried it was also a very cerebral game. I ended the season playing serve-receive setter, middle back defense, and outside hitter. I know, weird team positioning, but we tried to keep people where they played best against the opposing team so we did lots of formation shifts.
Now I just have to get through my last week of San Jose State classes and I’ll be golden for awhile! Can’t wait for some chill time over Christmas break and into January!
(Pic Above, from L to R: Dave, Steph, John, Brenda, Edwin, Jessica)