Living in the Valley


It’s fast pace. Pretty much all the time. Just the other day, Josh made some comment about a kid walking slowly (a.k.a. normally) through a crosswalk. Something about how that kid should be more curtious and hurry up because look at all the cars waiting for him!!!
Man. You can’t even cross the street at a normal pace here. And, quite frankly, it’s exhausting.
I’m learning why great teachers melt into the woodwork, stop caring, stop volunteering, stop making eye contact. Because if you do care and do make eye contact, you may never see your family again! 🙂
But, I digress…
My main point here was that I have like nine-kajillion blogs that I’ve started but haven’t had time to finish. I’m going to publish them back on the dates that I actually wrote them, hopefully this weekend. Because, if it doesn’t happen this weekend it will never happen.
I officially start my Master’s program on Monday. Pretty excited about it actually. I finished all of my prerequisites and now it’s on to the good stuff. I changed my major and am doing Instructional Technology instead. It’s a project-based program, so I’ll get to built projects involving technology that relate to my content area. We’re also adding a broadcasting class to our program next year, which I’ll probably get to teach. So, I’ll get to work on stuff for that too.
One class that should be interesting in an educational design class I have to take. One of the books is about “design for non-designers.” It goes over things like the elements and principles of design and how to make a nice layout. We have to make a flyer, a brochure, and a simple website. Heh heh heh. I hope it’s not too challenging for me. 😉