Macworld in My World


This year, Macworld had the K-12 Education Symposium back and I was SO THERE! It was a very inspirational conference for me as I was able to hear from many people who are utilizing technology in ways that actually further student learning.
Many people around me have a tendency to use technology for the sake of technology, in ways that say, “Look! We have computers! It meets the technology standard! YAY!” When, in actuality, it does not actually better student learning and is not a wise use of technology. But, technology can be used to actually BENEFIT students. I want to be better equipped to utilize technology in a meaningful way.
I enjoyed thoughts by David Warlick; he spoke on Teaching & Learning in the Digital Age. He is part of The Landmark Project. I especially enjoyed reading the associated article on The New Literacy, which spoke about the importance in emphasizing teaching skills to our students that “reflect the information environment of the present, not the past.” Good stuff.