Meet Ella!


Please welcome the newest addition to our family, ELLA! Official name: Ella Bo Jangles. I know, she looks a lot like Henson, but she’s actually smaller and is a girl and has one blue eye (in addition to her other brown eye, of course). Her personality is also very different from Henson’s. She wiggles and licks a lot and is generally sweeter. She was my Birthdamaversarymas present from Josh this year.
Overall, she gets along with Henson fairly decently. It has been difficult to potty train her because the California weather has been raining a lot lately. Nothing like standing in the cold wetness saying, “Hurry up! Go potty!” to a shivering little puppy who may catch some kind of weird pnemonia because of your crappy training. She just looks at me like, “Why are you doing this to me? WHY!?!”
She’s better now than a few days ago.
Cool part is, Ella and Henson and 5 are all named after people/things Josh and I look up to. Well, Josh got to pick two of the names anyway.