Just Bassin’


Well, my brothers Chad and Nathan hit the Fishers of Men National Championship Bass Tournament this weekend. After yesterday they were ranked 26th out of 250 competitors. Here’s a pic of Nathan on stage for his weigh-in yesterday.
Today it was trimmed down to 120 competitors. Here’s a pic of the top folks, after today’s results. I know… they’re doing pretty schweet! 11th Place!
Picture 1.png
If I lived in Minnesota, I would so make a cable access show of my brothers fishing. They are hilarious. They have great comic timing and make you laugh until you pee your pants, then they get all grumpy at each other so the drama aspect is there… but it’s still funny. And informative. Sometimes I feel like I grew up with Norman and Paul. When they’re out fishing, they fall into a rhythm all their own.
This is a pic from a tournament awhile ago of Nathan with his big bass.
Well, good luck guys! I hope you have an awesome day fishing tomorrow! Even if you don’t do well, you’ll still be way better at it than me and Josh! Hey! That’s worth something! 🙂