Flirt or Prophet?


Totally bizarro day yesterday.
So, I’m running my regular errands around town & decide to get gas on my way home. So, I pull up to the gas station & a man (who I think works there) comes out to talk to me. I’m opening up the gas cap and all that and he strikes up a conversation. This is basically how it went:
Man: Hey there! Why aren’t you all dressed up and going out? It’s Friday night!
Steph: Oh, um… I have errands to run.
Man: I see that. Maybe tomorrow, maybe tomorrow…
Steph: Uh… maybe. *starts pumping gas, a bit uncomfortable*
Man: You’re a married woman right? *Steph nods hoping this will make the man go away*
Man: Yes. Within the next year you will have a big baby boy.
Steph: Uh… really. *said very sarcastically*
Man: Yes. Within the next year, a big baby boy. Big boy.
Steph: Sure. Well, if it happens, I’ll stop by and let you know.
Man: Oh, no. I won’t be here then. You have beautiful eyes. You look at my eyes, they are green. But I’m from India! I’ve never met another Indian with green eyes. I don’t know why they’re that way.
Steph: *looking* Yes… those are green. How interesting.
Man: Well, enjoy your boy. *Walks away while throwing arms up in the air & exclaiming* Don’t give up hope! Don’t give up hope!
OK. WHAT THE HECK!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I was so weirded out I left with my gas cap swinging open as I drove off and had to pull over to close it. I told Josh and he thought it was weird too, well, duh — because it was weird. So then we were thinking about if the guy was a prophet or a flirt & if he was a prophet what would be the point of God sending that message anyway. Well, I’m voting for flirt…really really weird flirt. Josh isn’t sure and wants to see what happens in the next year. But, weird part is, we weren’t planning on trying to have another child within the next year. So bizarre & creepy.