Friday Collapse


Okay, so I didn’t collapse. Maybe I should say that my energy just totally crashed today. At about second period, I just felt like my energy reserves were depleted and even coffee wasn’t helping this time. I actually think it’s some kind of bizarre sickness that me and several of my students got. Just kind of an achey, no-energy sort of thing. Hopefully some rest this weekend will cure things.
And I’ve got lots to look forward to! Spring ahead means outdoor volleyball starts up again. And, there will finally be a new Gilmore Girls episode this Tuesday night. Oh, and I’m up to level 11 in World of Warcraft, it’s pretty fun. And I’m reading a couple of books for fun. I know… unheard of. Perhaps I may be able to work some surfing in there somewhere. So, even despite the energy shortage, I guess things are looking up.