This is my character: Whatsherface
Well, I wanted to give Josh some incentive to help me with some extra jobs around the house. So, I gave him a stopwatch and told him I would pay him back the time by playing World of Warcraft. So, yesterday I created my own character Whatsherface. I’m a human priest & I chose that character because I hate fighting bloody battles and thought I’d enjoy it more if I could heal people.
Actually, my first battle was where this creepy wolf attacked me and I didn’t even know how to move my character yet and I freaked out and pulled my sweatshirt hood over my face while Josh grabbed the controls and killed off the beast. The whole time I could hear my mace crushing against the wolf’s skull and it was making snarling/whining noises. Too creepy.
After a couple of hours I was killing things by myself with no problem. *Look Mom! No hands!* I also took on a few things that were too powerful for me and found that I’m also quite skilled at outrunning things. When I died and had to float around looking for my body, that weirded me out as well. Overall, though, it’s a really beautiful game and has lots of complexities.
Some new things I’d like to add to my lexicon thanks to the game (like instead of saying goodbye to my students as they leave my class…):
• Go with peace.
• For the alliance!
• Go with honor.
• Light be with you!
Oh, and Josh and I are playing on the Uther server if you’re looking for us.