Best Concerns Ever


In my classroom, I have these pink papers in a folder & kids fill them out if they have any issues or concerns about projects or life etc. It’s great, because I don’t have groups of students whining or telling me things I’ll forget anyway. So, if a kid has an issue, I tell them to put it in writing. Then I deal with all the issues when I have time later in the day. Usually kids are concerned about a ceramic project breaking or being absent on a day we had a video assignment or someone being mean to them.
Well, I got the best concern sheet ever. Here is the jist of it:
Describe your concern:
Could we have a younger selection of music?
(My comment: Never mind that I’m playing new albums, apparently The Gorillaz, The Fray, Relient K, Sheryl Crow, etc. are “old.” I’ll send them the memo so they are in the loop.)
What would you like to happen?
Maybe with this give you some song titles?
(My comment: Maybe we should listen to improve your grammar music instead.)
What do you need? What can Mrs. L do to help?
Are kind of music. It’s awesome. This is our last year, and starting of the last quarter, can we have a really really fun time!
(My comment: Besides cringing at the grammar, I understand their desire to have a really really fun time. Only problem is, I don’t think their music is a a fun time. That’s because I’m old. Oh, and I also think the music is inappropriate for the classroom (See “My Humps” from their suggested list of song titles below. Oh, and I kept their lovely spelling for amusement).
Suggested song titles:

  • tell me when to go – “sensored”
  • grilz, by Nelly
  • ruin it, by Chris brown
  • gasolina, Daddy yankey
  • Lean wit it, Francise Boys
  • Oh I think they like me, Bow Wow, dabrat
  • Delema, by nelly
  • My humbs, by B.E.P.
  • Like you, bow wow, ciara
  • 1,2 step, ciara
  • Rompe by Daddy Yankee
  • Stick wit yu, pussycat dolls

So, maybe some of this music is actually decent. One of my other students just starred all of the “hoochie” ones for me so I would know which ones to avoid. Anyway, totally amused. I’m going to check out some of these songs on iTunes later.