Guild Meetings in the Art Room


I made some obscure World of Warcraft reference while teaching a few weeks ago and one of my students totaly freaked out and told the whole school that I knew about World of Warcraft. That little spark has unleashed itself in my classroom in ways I never thought possible. Today, for the third consecutive week, student groups have held WoW guild meetings in my class.
Here’s one of my fave overheard (eavesdropped) conversations:
Tank-Guy: Okay, if we try to go down into this dungeon again we WILL SUCCEED. *groans all around* This will be the THIRD time we tried it, and that’s just sad. Priest-Student, we need you to stand back and make sure we’re all healed so we can take on that robot-thing.
Priest-Student: I am SO not healing you guys like ever ever ever ever again. I’m using my alt this time. Let Crappy-Priest-Student heal you with his priest character.
Tank-Guy: No. We all know he sucks at healing. You’re the best we’ve got.
Priest-Student: I died like EIGHT TIMES! I spent like half of my computer time running back to my dead body! I’m not healing for you guys anymore if no one is going to look out for me. You’re all freaking running out of my line of sight while I’m trying to heal you. Then I end up pulling other dudes on me and I get screwed.
Rogue(?)-Student: She’s got a point. I can hang back and make sure Priest-Student is okay.
Tank-Guy: No way, dude. You’ve gotta open the can of whoop-ass on the bastards with me.
Crappy-Priest-Student: Ohhhh! Can I use my alt character and do whoop-ass too! Can I?
Everyone: NO!
Heh heh. Teaching has wandered into a realm I never thought possible. As they left my class I waved and said, “Light be with you!” One of the boys turned around with a fist in the air and chanted, “For the alliance!” Rock on.