Congratulations to the Davenports!


The last few weeks have been an absolute whirlwind. I finished the class requirements for my CLAD credential. I finished my spring semester for my graduate classes. I ended the school year with my students, including all the grading and cleaning and whatnot. I put together purchase proposals for classes next year. I started my summer graduate classes & have been working my pa-tooty off on those. And, a bunch of other things.
One big highlight was this past weekend down in Redlands, CA, where my dear friends got married! So, here’s a neat pic of Brian and Melanie after they finally got hitched.
It was a Greek Orthodox wedding, so the ceremony was totally loaded with symbolism and interesting parts that I’ve never seen before. Seriously, you should go to a Greek wedding. I hope to post soon some of the information about the wedding ceremony so you can see how cool it was. Josh and I were both baffled by the difference between their wedding ceremony and every other one we’ve been to.
This summer I’m doing grad school full time and an internship at the Krause Center for Innovation. I’m pretty excited about it and have been working really hard lately. But, I suppose I should just stop talking about how hard I work because – what else is new? Seriously though, I’m planning on slowing my life down eventually….
Anyway, the main event is a huge congratulations to my dear friends Brian & Mel. May the Lord bless and keep your marriage strong through many years.