Coffee and Words in the Morning



This sweet pic from phil dokas’ photostream on Flickr
I’ve started a relatively new tradition that has seen me throuh a large portion of the summer so far. But, I’m starting to whittle it down better. I get up in the morning, and after doing all of the get-ready stuff, I hop in the car to my fave coffee joint Caffe Adria. I get myself a great drink, lately it’s been a double-tall iced aztec mocha. Yum! I sit with my beloved drink, hop on their wifi, and write.
I used to spend it doing homework. Because, that’s what I really should be doing all the time – right? Well, lately, I’ve been spending it writing and re-writing my thoughts. Some of which have made their way onto this blog or onto TechnoBabble.
I’ve had lots of thoughts over the past several years, but they just dissipate into nothingness if I don’t have the frame-of-mind to write them down. So, I’m thinking of learning to start the day with a thought generator & coffee. It’s been so good so far (then again, I haven’t had to be at school to start teaching at 7:45 a.m. lately!).
Now, I just need to get the time and discipline to do the same with my painting & drawing! Ahhh… one thing at a time. BTW, one of my co-workers surprised me with a nice gift certificate to University Art, so now I can buy the super pack of Prismacolor colored pencils!!! I’m so pumped. I had a set and they mysteriously disappeared, but now they shall reign in my hands once again! Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-haaa!