Grass Volleyball


I played my first grass volleyball game on Saturday. It was a free agent team, and I was abducted, I mean “borrowed” to play for it. When I was playing with my outdoor Wednesday-night pals, some people came over & asked me if I’d play on their team because they were short a player.
So, for almost nine hours on Saturday, I played volleyball in the hot sun. Despite putting SPF 45 sunblock on three times, I still got a fancy little burn. We lost every single game, including what I affectionately call the worst game ever. Regardless of the losses, I had a blast meeting new people and learning new tournament rules.
If you’ve never played a grass tournament before, the rules are quite different from other styles of play. First, there are only four people on a team. Two of them must be female. Men may not block or hit from in front of the ten foot line. (This makes for some interesting crazy man leaps in attempt to hit the ball in front of the ten foot line without touching the ground). If a ball is hit more than once on a side, one of the hits must be by a female. So, basically, this game is completely biased towards females. That’s sweet. 🙂
The above pic is my team: Janey, Dalton, Me, & Henry.