1. Shopping with Visa


I use my Visa debit card for pretty much everything I buy. When I got home last week, I was shocked that there was a message from my bank telling me that there was potential fraud on my account and that I should call them. So, I double checked the phone number and it was indeed from my bank. I called them and they said they noticed some suspicious activity on my card and they wanted me to verify some purchases. Fearing that someone had charged a nine day cruise to The Bahamas or something, I held my breath.
The man continued, “Yes… have you been to a Star-bucks?” He said it in a strange syncopated way so that it sounded foreign and strange.
I repeated it, “Starbucks???”
Considering that I go to Starbucks like twice a week I found the whole thing hilarious. Yes, how suspicious of me to visit a coffee house. They apparently have never tested the caffeine levels in my body!