2. Forward Thinking


One thing that I’ve loved about this break so far is that it has given me the chance to slow down and actually think about things. The main thing on my mind is that I will be finishing my master’s degree in May and I can’t wait to be done with school. I have started visualizing what that would actually look like – what does one do when they aren’t in school? There must be so much time left wide open for personal use…
I actually have always been enrolled in some kind of class during the school year ever since I started kindergarten. I am stoked that this will not be a continuing trend after May. (I am, however, considering taking some surf lessons this summer so that I can pwnz0r the waves… but those don’t count as classes because they’re fun.)
I’ve also been relooking at the curriculum that I teach my students and have come up with a bunch of ways to make it even cooler. I’m looking forward to researching these things and implementing them into my classroom.
It’s good to think about things you might do later.