Hardest Back to Work Day of All


Well, I go back to work tomorrow. It’s the most difficult to go back after the holiday break because I’ve had a little rest, a little play, and gotten a little work done — but never as much as I wanted to. Now I wake up today (around 1:30 p.m. to boot, gotta love the New Year’s party), and I’m less than twenty-four hours from teaching again. And it makes me feel a little panicked and rushed.
It’s not hard going back after the summer, because you get a little tired of summer by then, and you get prepared by seeing all the new pencil cases and lunch boxes for sale at the store. You also get teacher work days to prepare and anticipate with. This break, you just kind of get thrown back in to the middle of the quarter with no prep.
Unless you go in to work over the holiday break. That’s what I’m going to do and I’ll bet you that half the teachers are there too. That kind of makes it fun because you get to have all of the,”Hey, what are YOU doing here?” conversations and maybe strike out in search of coffee together.
Still, I miss my break time. It went by too fast.